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Know Thyself — Download the Winery Positioning Workbook

Positioning wine brands effectively is what separates everyone’s favorite wineries from the forgotten masses.

Defining your winery’s position with intention, nailing your winery’s specific category, and appealing directly to your ideal audience are the most important activities you can undertake to make your winery stand out.

Why conduct your own winery positioning exercise?


Would you like your winery to be facing less competition? Do you want to identify exactly who your wines appeal to? Do you wish your winery’s marketing efforts could be more effective?

These benefits are at the very foundation of why successful wineries conduct wine positioning exercises.

You’re already aware that you’re not in direct competition with every other winery in the country, but without intentionally staking your winery’s position in the marketplace, you are certainly in competition with more wineries than necessary.

The need to differentiate becomes increasingly important with mounting competition. Creating that differentiation comes from a clear brand ethos, or vision, a strong strategy to move towards the vision, and alignment of the marketing tactics and messages to achieve it.

Peter Yeung & Liz Thach MW

from their 2019 book, Luxury Wine Marketing —The Art and Science of Luxury Wine Branding

Consumers need a simple way to understand and remember your wines, and you can provide this by conducting your own winery positioning exercise.

We created the Winery Positioning Workbook to help you gain a better understanding of where your winery might best be positioned in today’s crowded marketplace.

The Winery Positioning Workbook functions as a template for creating your own winery positioning statement by guiding you through a series of questions designed to highlight themes specific to your particular winery.

The insights and clarity you gain from working through the questions at your own pace will help you focus your efforts to create more targeted marketing messages likely to resonate with your audience.

With a clear understanding of your winery’s own unique, authentic story, and who you’re appealing to, you can provide your customers with an easy and compelling way to keep your winery on their radar.

Download the winery positioning workbook now, and work through it at your own pace to create your small winery’s specific wine positioning statement.

Get the PDF now

“Positioning” means the place a brand occupies in the minds of its customers. That’s important, but one of the main mistakes founders make when considering their position is doing so too late.

Thomas Smale

Contributing Writer, Entreprenuer.com


Bradley Squires


Bradley Squires, the founder of Wine Chemistry Creative, helps wineries establish their place in the market through finding and telling their authentic story. He thinks of this as “Creating Chemistry with a winery’s customers and future customers.” Bradley has spent his career providing marketing services for some of America’s largest (and smallest) brands, including AT&T, Google, Ericcson, UCSF, The Nature Conservancy, Vintrace, Grgich Hills Estate, Constellation Brands. Bradley formed Wine Chemistry Creative after earning degrees in Winemaking, VIticulture, and Wine Marketing.

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