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Turn your winery email marketing
into a valuable business asset.

Winery email marketing can easily outperform
all your other marketing channels

Email marketing for wineries is still, by far, the easiest, the quickest, the cheapest, the most targeted, most effective, and the most lucrative form of digital wine marketing available.

And you can turn your winery email marketing into a beautiful, flying, machine.

Winery email marketing literally kills Facebook and Twitter as a winery's customer acquisition tool.

Wine email marketing (depicted here as the majestic Peregrine falcon) is inherently 40 times better at new customer acquisition than Facebook or Twitter (here represented as the twitchy little mouse).

Digging Deeper:

Email rules the marketing airwaves

Here's why your wine email list is one of your most valuable assests.

If you like email marketing statistics, you're going to love these. According to some recent studies, email is:

40 times more effective than either Facebook or Twitter for acquiring new customers (McKinsey),

45 times more likely to be seen by your customers than a Facebook post (Forrester Research),

Six times more likely to get a click-through than a Tweet (MarketingSherpa), and

Is cited by 73% of respondents to be their preferred channel for receiving marketing from companies they follow (DMA Consumer Tracker).

Just consider what you, as a small winery owner or marketing professional (or both) can accomplish with your wine email marketing:

Continuously gain new subscribers directly from your website without requiring any ongoing input from you.

Automatically tag and segment each new subscriber into separate groupings based on where on your website they signed up.


Automatically trigger a series of welcome emails, tailored to the specific interests of new subscribers, increasing their enthusiasm for your brand.

Understand your subscribers better using cues in the Welcome Series for the subscriber to tell you more about their preferences, interests, and other details about themselves. (In fact, every email you send is an opportunity to learn more about your winery’s followers.)

Automatically provide relevant offers in the Welcome Series specific to each new subscriber’s particular interests and preferences.


Stay in touch with your followers throughout the entire year with Evergreen email content, pre-written during the quiet times and sent at timed intervals.

All of this puts you on a level playing field with larger wineries with their dedicated teams of wine email marketing experts — and it puts you way ahead of your closest competitors; other small wineries.

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Collect more-qualified, more-interested followers for your winery's email marketing campaigns

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Use automation to sort your winery's new email subscribers into meaningful segments

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Cook up more compelling and engaging wine email marketing campaigns and offers

Targeted wine email marketing campaigns

Many winemakers and owners of small wineries view their email marketing with somewhat less enthusiasm than the above statistics would warrant. That is, they think it’s a sucky, joyless timesuck, and prefer instead to spend their time updating their Social feeds.

But have you noticed that sites like Instagram are designed to keep users on their sites and not clicking away? That’s why you get so very few click-throughs from your social posts to your winery’s website.

If you’re tired of spending time collecting followers but not clicks, you can start getting real engagement with custom-designed wine email marketing campaigns, hitting all your targets.

You're 6 times more likely to get a click-through from an email than a tweet.

Wine email offers 6x the click-through rate than Tweets, making email marketing a much more worthwhile marketing activity for your winery than updating your social feeds. 

Your wine email marketing brings your subscribers closer

Your winery’s marketing emails can be viewed as just one step in a journey for your email subscribers. A journey which brings your winery’s subscribers closer to your inner circle, making them feel more and more like insiders.

As part of a larger conversation between you and your followers, every email you send is an opportunity to create a stronger bond, a stronger sense of loyalty, and most importantly, more positive feelings about your winery.

Using audience segmentation and personalization to keep your wine emails relevant and engaging, together with custom landing pages, you can keep the conversation flowing when your readers arrive at your website.

Higher engagement = better conversion rates.

Digging Deeper:

The email marketing process for wineries

Five major steps in your wine email marketing process

Gaining new subscribers
There are several ways to gain new email subscribers; some are legit and help to build your brand; some are not so legit. Read about gaining more subscribers here >

Welcoming them onboard
Using a well-crafted, personalized, and automated sequence of welcome emails which sets expectations and begins to build brand loyalty.

Keeping them interested
Using targeted and relevant content, specific to the subscriber's needs, based on information gathered during their subscriber lifespan.

Increasing subscriber buy-in
By considering a subscriber's behavior, such as their engagement and buying practices, we seek to move them up to the next level of engagement. This might include bringing them on as members, or providing an opportunity to engage further with the winery.

And lastly ...

Saying goodbye when they go (it happens, and it also provides opportunity).

Creating a cohesive brand experience

Do your wine email promotions still direct your subscribers to your regular store page?

Customized landing pages vastly improve your e-commerce success, and they do much more.

Customized landing pages reassure your susbribers they’ve arrived at the right place when they click on your offer.

Avoiding confusion in this way creates a cohesive brand experience from your email to your website.

Guiding and reassuring your subscribers through your wine email promotions in this way builds trust in your brand, one interaction at a time.

Now, that’s tasty!

Your followers are more likely to see your winery email marketing than your Facebook posts or ads.

It is far more likely for your winery’s marketing emails than your Facebook posts to be seen by your audience.

Customized landing pages—sending the user directly to the item or offer featured in the email—can result in conversion rate uplifts of 25%+.
Why invest so much time on an email only to drop the user on the generic homepage?
Nora Aufreiter, Julien Boudet, & Vivian Weng

McKinsey & Company

Next steps for your winery’s email marketing

We understand that email marketing for wineries can seem daunting. That’s why we created the Winery Email Marketing Guide. It’s a 24-page guide designed specifically for small wineries, describing email marketing best practices gleaned from over a dozen industries for every phase of email marketing.

For a more full-package approach, check out our services below which will deliver a strategically planned email marketing program, packed with automation, segmentation, and content strategy that will continue to produce increasingly higher returns over time.

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