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Download the Winery Creative Brief template — and get your design right

Starting your winery’s next marketing project with a Creative Brief is a smart move. In today’s saturated wine marketplace, your wine marketing needs to be targeted and effective.

As a winery, your ability to identify where your wines fit in within this crowded marketplace, and how to appeal to your target market, will become the most important contributor to your ongoing viability as a business. To say that differently, it’s not the terroir, it’s not the brix, or the TA or the mid-palate — of course, what you put into the bottle is of enormous importance, but without a market that consistently selects your label from an entire aisle of competitors, you won’t long be around for anyone to enjoy what you put into the bottle. You need to have a plan.

Why you should use a Creative Brief

Have you ever had a stakeholder or a client who couldn’t make up their mind? What about someone who couldn’t explain what they were looking for? A design brief helps in these situations by clearly describing all the crucial components of your design project. If you have multiple stakeholders, a well-written brief will help get everyone on the same page, with the same understanding of the goals. Then, when designs are being reviewed, they can be judged against the stated goals.

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Bradley Squires


Bradley Squires, the founder of Wine Chemistry, enjoys working with wineries to help them establish their place in the market through authentic storytelling. He thinks of this as “Creating Chemistry with a winery’s customers and future customers.” Bradley cut his design teeth at the emergence of the digital era and brings to the wine industry what he learned from a successful 20-year career poking around under the hoods of some of America’s largest (and smallest) brands.

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