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Winery SEO Audit


  • 5 comprehensive site audit reports covering Issues & Warnings, Coverage, On-page SEO, Traffic, and Recommendations
  • Clearly explained details about every item covered in your reports and their impact on your site
  • Personalized report describing the top action items for you to target for the biggest gains in search performance
  • A 2nd, follow-up winery SEO audit within 6 months to show your site’s progress

When you purchase the Winery SEO Audit, we'll send you a questionnaire for you to provide us with information about your winery and your website, and for you to grant us view-only access to your Google Search Console and Analytics dashboard (we'll provide instructions on how to do this).

From here, we'll conduct several tests of your website where we look at dozens of factors related to how your site is being indexed by Google, user experience, core web vitals, keyword usage, page structure, and internal and external links. Some of these tests use automated tools to scan your site, while others require an actual human being to conduct the analysis.

We provide our findings to you in a set of easy-to-read jargon-free reports so you can understand each item and the impact it is having on your site's performance in search rankings.

Our winery website SEO audit comes with your personalized report, Fast Actions for Biggest Gains in which we provide your top action items for improving your winery's appearance in search results. These are the top-priority actions we've identified for you to take to make the biggest gains in your site's search ranking quickly. The SEO action items are presented within the context of specific goals, and are described so you can implement the actions yourself, or you can use Wine Chemistry Creative to implement them for you.

And since SEO is not a one-and-done affair, but rather, requires time for your site to rise through the search rankings, we take a follow-up look within six months to show you your site's gains over time.


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