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Wine Sales Consulting Pack


  • Evaluation of your website’s foundational structure, providing recommendations for changes to improve user flow
  • Evaluation of your website’s user experience design through the lens of modern standards and latest research
  • Evaluation of your website’s content in terms of clarity and relevance to your users and their intent
  • Keyword suggestions to help you target new audiences with your content
  • Landing page and call-to-action recommendations

What is it?

The Wine Chemistry Sales Consulting Pack is a specific set of services focused solely on increasing your website' sales performance. We evaluate your website's structure, design, content, and analytics data and tell you how you can score the biggest gains in moving your site's visitors towards becoming customers.

Specifically, we look at how users move through your content and how we can optimize the pathways they take, leading them either to leave your site or continue on to make a purchase.

We look at your user interface design for simplicity, ease of use, how it leads the eye, and how well it matches your users' intent.

We review your site's content to see whether it gives site visitors the means to understand your wines.

We recommend specific keywords for your content to bring in more likely customers.

We suggest landing pages that target specific audiences and their intent, with calls-to-action to move people through the sales funnel.

Who is it for?

The Wine Chemistry Sales Consulting Pack is designed for small wineries who are looking to improve their website's sales performance.



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