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Why you should be Using Evergreen Content in Your Wine Marketing Emails

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Undisplayed

You don’t have time for me to set the stage by describing how busy you are, so I’ll get right to the point. If you manage content for a winery, you love evergreen content even more than you love day-drinking.


And if you didn’t know that already, let me explain why it’s true.

A library of evergreen email marketing content can take the pressure off your winery's internal marketing team.

Having a library of evergreen marketing content in the hopper means you can spend your time on other activities.

For me, my love affair with evergreen email content happened back when email automation first arrived on the scene. It allowed me, as a small business owner, to write content for several emails at once, which could then be set to go out automatically on a timed basis.

And it turned out that this was just the beginning! I soon realized that evergreen content could be written for each of my audiences at different points in my sales funnel. I could create automated email sequences triggered by different actions — downloading a PDF, clicking on a link, purchasing something — my eyes literally flew open with this realization.

Content marketing is undoubtedly one of the best long-term investments when it comes to marketing a business. In fact, research suggests it’s three times more efficient than outbound marketing and costs 62% less.


During a very rainy week in the quiet time of year, I sat myself at my computer and wrote content for seven newsletters. The first of these would go out automatically, beginning immediately after a new subscriber confirmed their email, with subsequent emails timed monthly thereafter.


Digging Deeper:

Don't make new subscribers wait for your content

Why you want to deliver content to new subscribers as soon as they sign up

The moment when a new subscriber joins your winery's email list is the perfect time to send them an evergreen email.


Because by joining your email list, they've told you they'd like to hear from you. So give them what they want: send them an email.

This is the time when your winery is fresh in your new follower's mind, and they're enthusiastic about your brand. Making them wait until your next scheduled email goes out is risking them forgetting why they liked you. 

Don’t believe me? Go and check the Open rates on your past emails, and you might notice that all of your your subscribers open every one of the first few emails they’ve received from you, but become less attentive over time.

This follows a fairly predictable curve in subscriber engagement and it, also, can be improved. To see how, check this article on re-engaging your winery’s email subscribers.

Six months worth of quality email content cued-up for automatic distribution triggered by any new subscriptions seemed like a comfortable cushion that would allow me to maintain a marketing presence even when I was pressed with client deadlines.

Pre-written evergreen email content provides many benefits to your winery's marketing.

In contrast to seasonal or timely content which will attract a spike in traffic and then dwindle away, SEO-friendly evergreen content will continually attract visitors, engagement and … sales.

What is evergreen email content?

Simply put, evergreen content is content that doesn’t go out of date. Unlike a “Best Wines to Serve this Mothers Day”, or “10 Wines that Pair Well with Thanksgiving Turkey,” evergreen marketing emails can be sent out any time of the year, and it remains relevant all year round.

Often taking the form of how-to’s, answering a question, or providing recommendations (top 10 lists, for example), evergreen content tends to be rich with SEO value.


Digging Deeper:

How your evergreen content helps SEO

Using evergreen marketing content to boost your winery's traffic

Evergreen content, which you post on your winery's website is great for attracting new visitors — often from way outside your sales funnel, whom you haven't been targeting, but who found your winery through organic search (i.e. Google, Bing, etc.).

Evergreen content, in the form of how-to articles, lists of recommendations, or just informational pieces (like this one) will contain deep content on a particular topic, and is therefore strongly relevant to searches related to that topic.

If your content is engaging, helpful, and well-written, search engines will move it to the top of their search results.

Timed, automated email messages can include excerpts of your evergreen content, linking to the full article on your website.

Beyond the obvious benefits provided by the resulting improved search rankings, you get to see what your email audiences are interested in, by looking at what topics they're clicking on in your emails.

If you'd like some help incorporating evergreen content into your winery's email marketing strategy, take a look at our content packages.

Some examples of evergreen articles for your winery email marketing could be, “Why oak improves wine” or, “How to taste wine like you know what you’re doing.”

For guidance on increasing your website’s exposure through SEO, take a look at our winery SEO services >

Wine email marketing content strategy

Get help defining an email content marketing strategy for your winery, with audience segmentation, custom landing pages, and ongoing reporting.

You can still send non-evergreen marketing emails

Using email automation does not prevent you from sending out other emails alongside the evergreen content. You can still create weekly sales promotions on the fly, announce winery events, or just give an update of how this year’s crop is shaping up.

The evergreen content is like your backup plan, always letting your readers know that you’re here and you’re fabulous — even when you’ve been roped into helping out with punchdowns at midnight during crush.

As a small winery owner, this allows you to compete with much larger wineries who have entire marketing teams.

Who else loves evergreen content? Google, that’s who.

Besides allowing you to keep in touch with your winery’s email subscribers and wine club members, evergreen content can be extremely valuable to your website when posted as blog articles, nourishing your sales funnel with a steady flow of new traffic for your winery through SEO.

You and Me and Google makes three!

These visitors Google is delivering to you are generally from way outside your sales funnel — that is, audiences that you may not have targeted yet. Why does this matter? It matters because, by checking your analytics data, you can identify what kinds of content people are searching for, and then cater to them — attracting even more organic search traffic to your winery’s website.

Want to attract more visitors to your website or tasting room?

Google just goes cuckoo for content. In the world of web strategy, it is universally accepted that regularly adding relevant content to your site is one of the most significant factors in a successful SEO strategy. For wineries, this means each piece of evergreen content you can add to your site will have a cumulatively positive effect on your SEO efforts. So now that’s three people who love evergreen content: you, me, and Google! We should hang out — we all love the same things!

Evergreen email ideas for your winery

Since you and me are such BFFs now, here are 10 evergreen content topic ideas for your winery:

  • When to decant
  • Does cheese really go with wine?
  • How long should I age my wines?
  • What does swirling my wine glass do?
  • “How we began” story
  • Why do some wines have crystals in them?
  • Does the type of wine glass matter?
  • Our best recipe for [ … ]
  • How to tell if a wine will age well
  • Is “fruity” the same as “sweet” in wines?

So what are you waiting for? Get writing! Don’t have someone who can write?


Bradley Squires


Bradley Squires, the founder of Wine Chemistry Creative, enjoys working with wineries to help them establish their place in the market through authentic storytelling. He thinks of this as “Creating Chemistry with a winery’s customers and future customers.” Bradley cut his design teeth at the emergence of the digital era and brings to the wine industry what he learned from a successful 20-year career poking around under the hoods of some of America’s largest (and smallest) brands.

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