Chapter 1

The Beginning
of Wine Chemistry

In much the same way that the actual field of wine chemistry began with a discovery — the discovery of Saccaromyces, or yeast — Brad Squires founded his winery DTC marketing agency, Wine Chemistry, from a discovery. The discovery that winemakers rarely have the time or interest to spend time marketing their brands.

Chapter 2

Today's Solutions

Winery's today are navigating a new landscape. It was already a tough marketplace, one that is dominated by a very small number of large players, who have the power to influence distributers, retailers, and the wine drinking public. And because these big players make wines that are overpowered and unsubtle, the wine-drinking public has been educated to look for the words "big" and "bold" in wine reviews. If that's not your winery's wine style, you're being judged against it anyway.

Winery's need to be able to claim their category, and defend it. If they find themselves neglecting these exercises, they'll resort to talking about their winery dog, or their volcanic soils, while the marketing departments at the big wineries are crafting their story for them.

Wine Chemistry works as an advocate for the small wineries — 94% of all wineries in the U.S. — to define that space where they can compete on their own territory.

Chapter 3

Looking to
the Future

The future of Wine Chemistry contains many stories; stories of wineries that struggled to compete, then, making the decision to follow their original vision, began telling their own story.