Storytelling for wineries
When wineries communicate their story, they connect with their audience.

Your winery's story, if crafted for your winery's specific audience, will be remembered by your customers for years to come.

Storytelling is one of the best tools your winery has for creating real and lasting connections with your audience. It can become something your customers share, when they share your wine with friends.

Your winery's story is what connects you to your audience. It is what your customers will share with their friends when they share your wine, and in 2021, we are seeing that your story is more important now than ever.

But before we talk about how to craft your winery's story so that it connects with your audience, it's important to remember that you are not like your customers. You and me — we could talk about phenolics and their interesting chicken-wire structure all day, but your customers over here ... wait! Where'd they go?

Stories connect people on an emotional level. You want people to connect with your winery in that way.
Blathering on to your customers about phenolics and rootstocks is just not how we go about making friends and influencing people.

The thing about your story is, it's the only thing most people will remember about your wine. I know that you can recall the flavor, the mouthfeel, and the finish of wines you tasted a year ago, but you are not your customers. Your customers will remember your story — if it's told well — and when they taste your wine, they'll attach either positive or negative associations to their memories of your story.

Like good wine, a good story transports people to another place, a place they'll revisit.

Your winery's story is what makes you stand out

I met a guy at a bus stop once, and he said that there are 11,009 bonded wineries in the U.S.. It's impressive that our customers remember the ph, the abv, the AVA, and the varieties of the wines made by all those wineries! Unless, of course, they don't.

Although endlessly fascinating, your wine's pH is not how people will remember your winery
Although endlessly fascinating, your wine's pH is not how people will remember your winery

You have a unique story — and it's not your winery dog

It can be difficult for winery owners to articulate their story. There may be things that happened along your journey which, to you, seem pretty normal, so you leave it out. Or you see how everyone loves your dog, so you lead with that. Sometimes you're just too close to the story to know what your customers care about.

We help you develop your story in a way that resonates with your particular audience and can easily be shared with their friends. We can then weave elements of your story throughout your online content, creating a coherent brand thread, and keeping your online visitors engaged all the way to the shopping cart.

This is how your winery's story becomes a valuable business asset that works for you. Your story can be threaded through your social media, your email newsletters, your tasting room ... for years to come.