Finding your winery's niche within a crowded marketplace
Positioning your winery within the marketplace is about finding a niche for your winery

Positioning your small winery and why it's not a waste of time

(in case you thought that strategically reducing the number of your competitors so you could maximize the effectiveness of your marketing and get back to what you enjoy doing was somehow a waste of time.)

How do you describe your winery? Are you a small, family-owned winery producing wines that seek to express the unique terrior of your vineyards?

That's pretty good, but isn't that what everyone else is too?

With over 4,500 wineries in California alone, it's time for you to put some strategy in place.

Your winery's DTC marketing strategy should beging with an understanding of your winery's positioning
The number of wineries is increasing every year. Meanwhile, wine consumers have a difficult time telling one wine from another. What can wineries do to stand out?

What is Winery Positioning?

Actually, what is any kind of positioning?

Positioning in any industry is about defining your category — that space within the industry where you are the best at what you do — and then owning it. I bet you can think of a category leader in several different industries.

In the wine world, it's not necessary to dominate a category, as wine is not a Coke versus Pepsi kind of a choice. Wine drinkers generally have several "favorites" in each category. You just need to make sure that your wine is one of the ones that comes first to mind.

A winery's DTC marketing strategy needs to focus on who their specific target audience is
Wine drinkers like to keep an assortment on hand. The goal of positioning is to be a part of that assortment.

What's really nice about winery positioning is when you define a category that you can lead, you remove vast numbers of competitors from the playing field.

Effective positioning is good for your customers

As you know, for many people who buy wine, the task of selecting which wine to buy is a process shrouded in mystery. Which is better; a Russian River Pinot Noir or one from Carneros? What does cool climate Syrah mean? Is a $45 bottle going to be one that I like?

By establishing where your wine fits in, consumers have a better chance of knowing what to expect. If you then exceed their expectations, you've just won a loyal customer.

Effective positioning makes your marketing easier

When you identify your winery's position in the marketplace, you can begin to understand exactly who your competitors are, and who are your customers. From there, you can determine exactly what your messaging should be, and where your marketing should be focused.

Taking this a step further, with this level of information about what your potentially best customers care about, your marketing can be much more relevant and consequently, effective.